Our RSS reader Artykul is out of beta and available for download! This is a minimalistic reader with powerful article viewer, feeds, folders with icons, notifications, and bookmarks. There is still a lot of work ahead, and we are waiting for your feedback! Download the app from the website or App Store.

Just the highest quality and everyone's favorite sticker pack on the Internet. You can add it in Telegram for free.

My old app concept for creating playlist covers and share playlists from different platforms. You could create a profile and follow other people, view the covers they've created, and keep up to date with new music. Look at this FigJam file for details and straight screenshots.

[1] I want to play with these Twitter check marks and use this space for navigation, but I don't know how to do it yet and there are no sections on the site. For now, they just fill the blank space.

[2] More projects coming soon. I need time to find or make pictures. Or make projects. Follow me on Mastodon for updates.